Arrive at church 15 minutes before worship.

  • Place a bulletin in your chair up in front.
  • Get robed (ask Pastor Dayle if you need to robe). Robes are in Pr. Dayle’s office.
  • Candle lighters are in Pr. Dayle’s office.
  • Check wick (if you need a new one ask an usher to help).
  • Ushers will light the wick on the lighter when it’s time.
  • Walk forward to altar, reverence the altar (bow) then light the candles on the altar during the opening hymn (usher will direct you.)                  
  • After peace is shared present offering plates to ushers.
  • Take bread and wine from youth ushers and present to assisting minister.
  • Take offering plates from ushers and place on credence table (to the left, facing the altar).
  • Help with distribution of communion (grape juice):  Say “The blood of Christ shed for you.”
  • During the closing hymn, take up the candle lighter, reverence the altar and extinguish candles. Exit down the center aisle.