Altar Care

 Set up

  • Arrive 20 minutes before worship begins to set up the altar.
  • Check oil level in candles on altar. Oil for filling candles in on the top shelf in the altar cupboard in the kitchen.
  • Pour wine (in fridge or new bottles in cabinet) into cruet (decanter.)
  • Pour grape juice (1/4 full) into chalice.
  • Put bread on paten (plate.) Wrap gluten-free wafers in a napkin and set beside bread on paten.
  • Place cruet and bread on usher’s table in the narthex (lobby) with purificator (napkin for holding) on top of bread. Cover it with a veil
  • Place chalice with grape juice and empty chalice on altar and cover with veil.  

ALL: If you notice we are low on grape juice or wine, please inform someone in the office or leave a note on Toni’s desk.

Clean up

  • Left over bread may be consumed by the community… sometimes the bread is placed on the cookie table (take bread off paten and place on regular plate). Wash paten clean and place in Altar care drawer.
  • Any consecrated wine/grape juice that is not used is poured out onto the land…ie, grass, flower bed… left over bread may be broken up and left outside for the birds … consecrated elements are NOT poured down the drain, or re-used.
  • Wash cruet and chalices.
  • When using wooden chalice DO NOT use soap!
  • Take any soiled linens home to wash and iron or leave them in the church office and Toni will wash them.

NOTE: To remove wine stains: pour very hot water through the linen where stain appears.