Assisting Minister

The bulletins are available by Thursday afternoon .Toni will prepare a pdf and will e-mail a copy to the Assisting Minister on Thursday of both the bulletin and the parish news which contains prayer request items. 


Arrival:  Arrive at the church no later than 8:40 a.m. for the 9:00 a.m. service.  For evening, Easter or other services at special times, please arrive AT LEAST 20 minutes ahead of the time service is to begin. 


Check in with Pastor.  If there are any changes or additions to the service she will let you know.


Quick Check list:  The assisting minister can aid the pastor in checking on the following:

            Acolyte: make sure the acolyte has arrived!  He/she may need help getting robed.  Inform them of the particulars of the service.  During worship they may need to be reminded when to take offerings plates, etc.  (If there is not an acolyte, Assisting Minister will serve.)

            Ushers/Greeters:  assure that these folks are in place and active for the receiving and serving of people throughout the service of worship.

            Elements: check to see that the communion bread, wine, grape juice, and communion ware have been prepared.

            Offering plates: all four plates need to be on the shelf or on the Usher’s table prior to services.

            Bulletin: on the usher’s table

            Prayers:  Write down prayer requests from list on guest book.  You may wish to have ideas for intercessory prayers written in advance, then you can customize the prayers as needed. It is best to have a piece of scratch paper and a pencil for writing prayers before the Prayers of the People. 

           Readers:  be sure readers are in place, if not ask someone or the Assisting Minister will read.

Beginning of service:  Process with pastor and reverence the altar.  If there is a supply pastor the Assisting minister may need to make the announcements.  Move to the seats behind the lecturn. 


Assisting minister says the Prayers of the People, the Offertory Prayer, assists with the chalice of wine during communion and offers the prayer following communion.  Pastor Dayle will inform the AM of any additional duties. 


Communion: AM will serve the chalice of wine, “The blood of Christ, shed for you” (or similar words) are said to each communicant.  The acolyte will follow with grape juice for those who choose.  Musicians are communed first.

AM, Acolyte and Pastor will commune behind the altar after the congregation have communed (modeling servant leadership). 

End of service:  Process out following the acolyte at the end of the service.  When the closing hymn is ended, the Assisting Minister says the line printed for the Dismissal. 


Chanting the liturgy:  Some of the liturgies are chanted.  If you will chant, please let Pr. Ray or Toni Hartung know.