Coffee Hour Host

As coffee hour host/hostess, please arrive at church 20 minutes prior to worship.

Before Service starts:

Turn on dishwasher when you arrive (green ‘on’ button), so it can be heating.

  •  Make 40 cups of coffee in large coffee urn. Fill urn at cold water tap high up on the wall (to the right of the double sinks). Add 2 cups of coffee to the basket. (Free trade coffee is located in upper cabinet next to outside door. Extra coffee located in lower cabinet to right of oven.) Fill smaller urn with cold water. Plug both urns into wall socket in kitchen.
  •  Arrange cookies on trays. If there are no cookies out, check the fridge and freezer for cookies labeled ‘coffee hour’.
  • Re-stock the small tray with teabags, sugar, creamer, sweet-n-low, and stirrers. These items are in drawers and cabinets to the left of the stove. If stock is low, notify Toni or put note in office. Put those items out on coffee hour table.
  • Check the refrigerator for fresh cream (for coffee/tea) or bring a special cream, half and half or creamer if you wish. .
  •  Check the refrigerator for juice, or make powdered drinks (powdered drinks in cupboard with coffee). Drinks and water go in dispensers to be put on serving table. Put out juice glasses on tray and set next to dispensers.
  • Put coffee mugs on coffee cart, Wheel into narthex during last hymn, plug into wall socket next to coffee hour table. Be sure wastebasket (with liner) is near the table.

Clean up:

  • Empty urns and rinse out coffee basket.
  • Run *dishwasher and re-stock mugs on coffee cart.
  • Put away clean glasses.


  • Place dirty dishes on rack.
  • Place rack in dishwasher
  • Add one small scoop (about ¼ - 1/3 of big scoop in soap bucket) of soap…dishwasher powder soap is on the floor to the left of the dishwasher.
  • Push “wash”
  • Dishes go through the cycle very fast… when cycle is complete take rack out and put dishes away.
  • When all dishes are done press “off”… water will then pump out of dishwasher.
Please note: The dishwasher sterilizes the dishes but they must be rinsed pretty well before loading them into the dishwasher.