• The church office will send a PDF of the bulletin to the reader and the team leader. Readings for the date are available at It is good to read over the readings ahead of time in case there are any difficult words (like the reading for Pentecost).
  • Arrive at ten minutes before worship begins.
  • Sit near enough to the lectern so that you don’t have to walk a mile to the mic.
  • Before worship, check to see that the mic is facing toward you J!
  • You will read the first lesson, the Psalm and the second lesson. The psalm can also be just an antiphon or not be read on a given Sunday. That will be reflected in the bulletin.
  • Sometimes the psalm is read with music playing behind the reading, check to see if that’s the case and be prepared for it.
  • Prior to reading you may say: “A reading from the _____ Chapter of the book of _______.