Before Service:

  • Arrive 20 minutes before worship begins. (Visitors often arrive early.)
  • Check to see that all four offering plates are located in the credence table at the front of the church. If they aren’t there, they are likely on the ushers table.
  • Check for matches in the little box on the usher table.
  • Pass out bulletins
  • Light the candlelighter for acolyte just before the start of the opening hymn.

During Service:

  • Count attendance and write in the black book located on the Usher table. Count pastors, musicians, don’t forget yourself!
  • Stay seated at the rear of the church or in the narthex (lobby) to watch for latecomers, so you can direct them to open seats. If they are visitors, be aware of their possible needs.
  • Show them where we are in the bulletin.
  • Before worship or during sharing of peace, you may find two or three youth to bring bread, wine and offering plate forward.
  • Ushers proceed into the Sanctuary after the sharing of the peace to take the offering plates from the Acolyte. Pass the plates from the side aisles in all four sections.
  • After the offering is collected, transfer in to one offering plate.
  • At the end of the offertory music, send in youth (or bring in):

In order: bread, wine, offering plate


Communion with no rail, 1 station:

  • One usher, begins at East side aisle and work clockwise around the church, commune both center sections from the center aisle. The servers will shift their positions accordingly.

Communion with two stations or communion rail:

  • Two ushers. One begins on the east side aisle, and one begins at the west center aisle. Both proceed clockwise.

After Service:

  • Get offering from credence table and take to pastor’s office closet. Place in zip bank bag and place in safe (top pulls open).
  • Replace all four offering plates in the Credence Table
  • After the service, remove offering envelopes, worship sheets and any re-usable inserts. Recycle all bulletins.
  • Straighten up Usher Table